National Grandparents’ Day

Ways To Spend Quality Time With Grandparents
Dear Grandparents, you are missed dearly!
For years, Indian culture has manifested the tradition of the joint family system with grandparents and grandchildren staying close together. The beauty of grandparent & grandchildren relationship is that they benefit from their wisdom and experience. And, feel their warmth and unconditional love.
Then, modernization happened! With sadness, the present-day lifestyle is characterized by nuclear family setting. Even in an extended family scenario, estrangement has occurred because of digitalization, changing values, and more. Hence, gleeful family interactions are becoming a rare sight. The good old days are slowly passing by. Sigh!However, it’s not all over yet. You can still re-live the fondest memories of you visiting them during your summer vacations, they bless you with shagan or goodies, their endless advice, grandma’s delicious delicacies, the storytelling rituals, and a lot more which could not be expressed in words

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